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Hi, Reader,

Yesterday, I hosted my brilliant friend, Karen Michaels, in a private workshop to talk about Social Media.

Karen is a social media manager and truly loves all things social (she’s done an incredible job curating what shows up in her feeds).

She gave great tips for each platform (one of the best takeaways I can give you is that it’s super important to post natively on the platforms in addition to scheduling with social scheduling tools. #justsayin).

Anyway… one thing that struck me (and we continued offline after the workshop) was that because this space has matured, we often get in our own way.


  • We think we need to take a course on YouTube before we jump into growing a YouTube channel (swap any platform for Youtube and you get the point)
  • We need certain equipment or software to film good videos (Karen pointed out that most new phones have amazing cameras)
  • We need to learn how to write better, create better graphics, or know what a good ‘hook’ is
  • We need to live more interesting, exotic, photo-worthy lives

Then we started reminiscing about the super early days of social media, and I started laughing because all these old memories keep popping up on Facebook for me.

When I would literally answer the question (Facebook used to ask on your timeline), “What are you up to?”

And my actual post would answer the question. Not in a full sentence, mind you… I would just answer. 🤣🤣🤣

That cracks me up.

I get these pretty much every day… and they all start similarly.

Do you know what I miss about those days? (besides the world feeling saner)

The fearlessness I had about posting and showing up.

I was still nervous at times because online was a whole new frontier for me (I had only started my business in 2008), but it was fun.

I wasn’t worried about doing things “right”… I just wanted to do them.

I was so determined to create a business that allowed me to be home for my kids that I did whatever I could, regardless of my comfort level.

So… I’ve decided it’s time.

Time to ignore all things that get in my way. Or at least “feel the fear and do it anyway” (thank you, Susan Jeffers, author of the book by that name).

Some people might not think I let fear get in the way (who moves to another country they’ve never visited?)… but I know where I hold myself back.

I challenge you to do the same.

Let go of needing to do things right and just do them.

✔ Post your thoughts… regardless of whether or not they fit a ‘content template.’

✔ Record the video… even if you’re not feeling confident, have the equipment, or like where you’re recording.

✔ Write that article. Even if you don’t think you’re a good writer.

ALL of these things are learnable and “improvable” (if such a word existed).

And you can do them NOW.

As in… today.

Some courses and teachers can help you get where you want to be faster, but my challenge to you is to start doing it before you invest in any of that.

Some things were much easier when I started (less competition, organic reach was great), and some things were much harder (tech is SO much better today).

But, as the old saying goes, the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago.

The second best time is today.

And… in addition to my ‘challenge’ to you, take this as a small plea as well.

Let go of vanity metrics.


The quality of your life, who you serve, and how profitable your business is should be the only metrics you measure.

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A Little Brainpower 🧠

If YouTube is on your list, read “Everything You Need to Know About YouTube Shorts (+ 10 Tips To Grow).”

Speaking of video shorts, “TikTok Provides Creative Strategy Tips in New Guide.”

Kieran Drew is one of my favorite online writers. Read “How to Go From ‘Just Another Creator’ to Successful Entrepreneur by Writing Online.”

Tool Time 🛠

  • AI Voice: AI voice-over, video, dubbing, and cloning. Oh, and it can read to you as well. Check out Speechify here.
  • Stickers: This one is just for fun, but let AI design a great-looking sticker for you (great quality!). Use StickerBaker free here. (see my sticker below)
  • Video: This looks handy if you want to create faceless videos (memes, stock images/video, etc.). Check out Videotok here.
  • LinkedIn: A FREE (yes free) AI Post editor and Generator. Enhance your posts with ease. Try it here.

Content Snackz 🥨

Type of content to create: Series

Difficulty: More time-intensive than difficult

What it is: Think email, blog, podcast, or video series. Go for at least three and no more than ten.

I recently did this with my ‘Everything is Content’ email series (five total), which has taken on a life of its own. Five emails became a 4500+ word blog post, five videos, five podcasts, a workshop, a coaching offer, and a social campaign.

And I’m just getting started.

This doesn’t have to be more than a one-time thing, but it’s a great way to get validation on a concept (philosophy or framework). A series lends itself to going deeper and continuing a conversation.

It can also be a nice break from your regular content if you want to test a small pivot or new idea.

I’ve done this to all my pets 🤣

I hope you’ve all had a good February and are feeling somewhat settled into 2024.

Many people I’ve talked with say the year hasn’t quite started off like they thought (hoped?) and are finally feeling a bit more settled.

Truth be told, I’m not sure what I’m feeling. 😉

Happy with the work I’m doing and my business in general, looking forward to returning to Costa Rica, and wanting to soak up my time with people here.

All while feeling like “How is it March already?!?!”

Here’s to a wonderful last month of the first quarter.

Happy Leap Day, my friends,

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