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Hi, Reader,

I was chatting with a friend over Voxer last weekend (another entrepreneur) and something came up about advertising.

I shared that I’m in Laurel Portié’s $ 7-a-month ad training (I don’t know anywhere else with this kind of value!), and she shared that she doesn’t like FB or Zuckerberg…they sucked.

Of course, this is based on principles and integrity, so I knew exactly where she was coming from (this was in reference to company morals & values).

However, my response to her was that “all the social media platforms suck.” 🤣

Of course, I said this in jest, but unfortunately, there are privacy issues, unscrupulous morals, and shady business practices with all of them (and I’m including Google here, not just the social platforms).

Maybe this is simply a matter of picking your battles and is the cost of doing business online.

This is why everything you do should be with one goal in mind: to drive people back to the assets and places you control.

Which will always be your website and email list.

There are a lot of creators who have built huge audiences via social first and are now focused on driving that traffic back to their own websites (most knew enough to capture email addresses).

When I started online, it was the other way around (website first, then social).

There’s too much to try and keep up with when it comes to social media (at least for my brain), so I start with what’s getting results.

I know that sounds rather obvious, but as someone who has cut off her nose to spite her face on more than one occasion, I’ve decided to channel my “inner Spock.”

This was a little “mind trick” my aunt taught me years ago.

I don’t remember the context of our conversation, but she said to try and think like Spock, whose thought process was based on logic.

In other words, remove emotion. 😉

Instead of thinking about whether you do or don’t like the platforms, start with what it is you’re trying to achieve.

Then, move on to the platforms you’re willing to focus on.

Find a way to reframe the marketing that needs to be done in order to get the results you want.

The more your business can support you and the lifestyle you want, the more you can:

  • Spend time off the computer (family, friends, hobbies)
  • Build a foundation that supports your long-term goals (retirement, savings, college funds, etc)
  • Travel (personal favorite)
  • Help people you love
  • Contribute to causes that matter to you

Regardless of what anyone else says, I do believe that ALL of the platforms work when you’re consistent and pay attention to what’s working.

In other words, look at the data.

Even if it’s just a quick glance at which platforms are driving the most traffic.

Of course, keep in mind that different types of content work better on different platforms. What works on LinkedIn probably won’t work on Instagram (at least not in the same format and tone).

Whichever approach you take, make sure that your primary goal is to send people to content/assets you own (when sharing a link & your link in your bio).

Because I believe so strongly that your primary marketing objective should be to capture the name & email address of your ideal customer, I did an entire podcast episode on this topic.

Listen here.

SPARK Spotlight 🔥

One thing I shared in that podcast episode was the importance of doing a social media audit of your profiles. I’ve linked to an article in the post, but here’s a great tool to get you going 👇:

It’s only $25, but you can get it for 40% off!
Use code PVDC24 at checkout!

A Little Brainpower 🧠

We all bring our own “stuff” to everything we experience. Read “Truth Bomb: Perspectives Can Change Everything.”

I love a good case study. Read “How to Grow Your Social by 37%.”

It might not be as hard as you think! Read “It’s Not Hard to Become a Writer.”

Tool Time 🛠

I absolutely love this tool. In fact, I’ve canceled Loom and am only using Tella now.

Watch the updates in their recent video newsletter. Pretty amazing!

They make a good point 🤣

I have officially become a double-sock wearer. 🧦


This has to be an age thing because I do not remember ever having my feet feel this cold all of the damn time.

On a recent walk with the dog, I had THREE pairs of socks on, leggings under jeans, a t-shirt, a thick sweatshirt, a vest, and gloves, and I wore my Bose headset. 🥶

I am just not cut out for the cold anymore (and I know, cold in Northern California pales in comparison to other parts of the world. But we’ve had snow here, so it does get cold).

In fact, I made a little announcement at the end of the podcast about where my future might be heading, but you’ll have to listen to find out. 😉

Which is why I refuse to buy anything that makes living in the cold more bearable. #stubborn.

And as a gentle reminder to you… be easy about your energy levels at this time of year. It’s OK if you still feel like hibernating and getting more rest.

Spring will be here before you know it. 💐

Have a wonderful day & stay curious!

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