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Welcome to the 152nd issue of the SPARK. A weekly newsletter where inspiration meets real online strategies, behind-the-scenes stories, and a boatload of valuable resources.


Hi, Reader,

The first time I installed WordPress was back in 2008.

I was using the book (the physical book), “WordPress for Dummies,” and going step-by-step. Then, I hit the instructions for installing WordPress in the root folder on your host.

Me: “What the bucket is a root folder?!” 🤨

I had to get my neighbor, who worked with tech, to come over and help.

Four hours later, WordPress was installed.

Of course, these days, you can click a button, and you’re good to go.

Fortunately, my desire to get my business up and running was much greater than my frustration at the time.

I kid you not when I tell you I wasn’t technical… at all.

I didn’t even know how to attach something to an email! The only use I had for email back then was staying in touch with people or sending interesting/funny things.

It’s funny that it’s one of my favorite forms of marketing now. 😉

The longer you’re in business, the further away you get from that burning desire to figure it out, no matter what it takes.

We try things and get frustrated because we have all these skills and knowledge. Things are just supposed to work now, right?


If only that were the case.

Especially when it comes to online business because things move and change so fast.

Then there’s the other piece that seems to dictate everything.


Once your business is running and you have clients, customers, content to create, administrative tasks, etc., we put learning (mastery?) on the back burner.

It becomes something we intend to do or try to fit in, as opposed to making it a priority.

So we end up stuck and feeling like we’ve created a job for ourselves, even if we love the work.

It starts feeling a whole lot less fun.

So, what’s the next step?


It’s well-known that Warren Buffet spends hours every day reading and thinking.

There’s a balance to be found for what works for you. I’ve been an avid reader and learner all of my life. It fuels me.

But I also have a strong discipline of “doing the work.”

When it comes to marketing and business, people are praised for being prolific creators and producers.

As much as I’d like to think that “hustle culture” is phasing out, the “work hard” mentality existed long before the internet, and it takes conscious effort to rewire that part of our brains.

Here’s the thing…

I’ve accomplished more in the last five months by doing less but with greater focus.

I’ve done a lot of “entrepreneurial adulting” to keep myself on track. There are plenty of days when I’m not in the mood, but I don’t let my feelings dictate my activity.

Then, there are the days when I choose to be gentle with myself and give myself some grace and trust.

I LOVE this thread by Katelyn Bourgoin on the top 4 steps she’s taken to grow her business to $750k this year. Here are the four steps, but be sure to read the thread; it’s worth it.

Can you guess which one is my favorite?

Yep, #1.

Doing less (not more).

Online business is simple (note I didn’t say easy).

We all need three things:

  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • Sales

There are plenty of methods for achieving each of those; you must be clear on what you’re willing to do to achieve them.

Ease up on being amazing at all three. Figure out what will move the needle the most (even if it’s a catch-22. You need traffic to get leads in order to make sales).

However, before you jump into learning something new, step back, do a little thinking, and get clear on what you’re willing to master.

Until it works.

You’ve got this.

SPARK Spotlight 🔥

I’m a huge fan of author & podcaster Jenny Blake. Recently I shared that she moved all her email marketing to Substack as well as launching a new paid newsletter.

It’s called “Rolling in D🤦‍♀️H!” and I became a paying subscriber right away. I left a comment about why I subscribed, and she emailed me and asked for my snail mail address. 👇

How fun is that?!?!

Never underestimate the power of a simple Thank You. A heartfelt note, a fun pin, and some cute little cards. Love it.

A Little Brain Power 🧠

This thread resonated deeply, although there’s a little irony that it’s a thread on X. “I worry that some of the best writers of our generation are stuck making tweets and newsletters.”

I never thought about YouTube shorts and search! “My YouTube Short Got Over 23,000 Views From YouTube Search. Here’s How.”

Step-by-step on how he grew his newsletter. “I hit 10,000 newsletter subscribers in 9 months.”

*Is it me, or does it feel like more and more people are creating lengthy posts on X? Not threads, but actual posts?*

Tool Time 🛠

So many AI tools – and those that weren’t AI are finding a way to add it into the mix.

Suggestion: don’t try something just because it’s AI(unless it’s just for fun); make sure it fills an actual need in your business.

  • AI Writing: This takes creating to a whole new level (I think I might try this one!). The price is great, and hallelujah for a fresh look (i.e., not a Jasper wanna-be). Try Blaze free here.
  • Audio Notes: Turn hours of note-taking into minutes. Just speak, and let the AI transcribe, clean up, and structure your voice. Check out TalkNotes here.
  • Marketing: Enter what you do and what you need help with. Then, get ten ideas to solve your problem! Use Marketing Ideas Generator free here.
  • Paid Podcasts & Audio: This feels a bit like a Substack for Audio. Sell subscriptions for audio content. Check out Mumbler here.

Question: Would you be interested in seeing some behind-the-scenes content about how I’m using HighLevel for my courses, funnels, and community? Hit reply and let me know. I thinking of documenting this process.

Seriously… or at least as much energy as I had 🤣

I’m on the countdown now to head back to Costa Rica next week for about a month.

I’m super excited to be hosting my first Women’s Business Retreat. I’ll be sharing pics, so be sure to follow me on Instagram if you want to follow along.

The timing is a little bittersweet because one of my dogs isn’t doing so well, and I may be making a difficult decision before I go. 😢

The hardest part of having pets is that their lives are too short.

The best we can do is love them while they’re here and be grateful they were part of our lives. 🐶❤

Which applies across the board in life, doesn’t it?

Have a wonderful day,

For the Ladies ✨

Announcing the SPARK Collective!

This is not about blending in; it’s about blazing a trail.

We’re flipping the script, turning the volume up on authenticity, and redefining success on our own terms.

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