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Kim Doyal

Your Story, Your Voice, Your Marketing

Forget the jargon. It’s time for strategies that light a fire under your business.

ChatGPT & AI

Crafting Copy & Content, That Supports Your Goals, Your Brand, And Your Voice
Let’s harness AI’s power to create content that pops off the page. Think of ChatGPT as your creative sidekick, helping you churn out copy that’s so catchy that your audience can’t help but pay attention. We’re talking content that does the heavy lifting for you, making “scroll past” impossible.

Email marketing

Your Inbox’s New Best Friend. Emails People Actually Want to Read
Transform your email list from a snooze fest into the highlight of your subscribers’ day. I’ll show you how to craft emails that feel like a chat with a good friend — engaging, personal, and, most importantly, effective. Get ready to see those open rates soar and your community grows.

Content Marketing

Say Bye to Vanilla and Hello to Vibrant With a Strategy That Turns Heads
Enough with content that blends into the background. I’ll guide you through creating standout pieces that capture hearts (and wallets). Discover how to make every word count, turning your content into a conversion machine. It’s not just about being seen; it’s about being remembered.

Ready to turn the page on bland marketing? Let’s infuse your strategy with the kind of personality and pizzazz that gets results. Because your business deserves to shine – and together, we’ll make sure it does.

From Authentic Stories to Strategic Sales

Unleash the Power of Your Unique Voice to Drive Leads and Sales!

Discover how to craft a content strategy that resonates deeply with your audience, enhances your brand’s authenticity, and directly contributes to lead generation and sales growth.

The What & Why

Cutting Through the Noise. Let’s Simplify to Amplify

In a world buzzing with the next big thing, it’s easy to feel like you’re playing marketing whack-a-mole. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt (and the stress). After spending 16 glorious years in the online arena, I’ve got a secret to share: simplicity isn’t just beautiful; it’s profitable.

I’m Your Business Simplifier

I team up with entrepreneurs drowning in the sea of should-dos and help them find their life rafts. If you’re looking to trim the fat, boost your bank account, and still have time to binge-watch your favorite series, you’re in the right place.

Why I Leap Out of Bed Each Morning ( well, I don’t actually leap 😂)

Because I’m obsessed with the lightbulb moments that happen when we ditch the fluff for what actually works, I’ve chased enough shiny objects for both of us, and now I’m here to save you from that wild goose chase. My mission? To get you focused on your strengths, the platforms that feel like home, and the people you can’t wait to help.

Together, we’ll carve a path to success that feels as comfy as your favorite pair of socks. No more spreading yourself thinner than a piece of deli ham. It’s time to make more money (and magic) doing what you love, backed by rock-solid strategies.


The Kim Doyal Show

Years experience

I’m Kim Doyal…

Like many entrepreneurs, my business has gone through multiple iterations. Widowed at 32 with two small children, I knew there had to be a better way.

That’s when I discovered online marketing.

I believe business should be fun, and content marketing sets the foundation for more fun, joy, and profits in your business. 

Let me show you how.

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Happy Clients

Through coaching, courses, and content, I always aim to help each individual get the results they need to
create a business that supports their lifestyle and dreams.

Because of all the coaching and work she did on my behalf, Kim instilled in me the confidence to take bold steps, the clarity to make informed decisions, and the skills to build a thriving online presence.
For anyone looking to navigate the complexities of starting or scaling their online business, I cannot recommend Kim highly enough. Her coaching is not just an investment in your business but a cornerstone for future success.”
Sandi Eveleth
Notion Expert
“I’ve followed Kim’s work for years, and I had the opportunity to be a part of Email Insiders 1.0. From the first lesson, I realized just how expansive Kim’s knowledge of email marketing and newsletters is, and her passion for this topic is evident. She’s able to take a large topic and divide it into actionable, bite-size pieces that make sense.”
Tess Wittler
Marketing & Content Strategist
“Strategic, wise, funny, and kind… Kim’s ultimate superpower is seeing the big picture while simultaneously zeroing in on the SPECIFIC actions that will make the biggest difference to your business.
She’s the business coach I turn to for clarity when my inner “crazy creative” gets overwhelmed by the sheer number of ideas and moving parts in my business.”
Kerrianne Edwards
Brand Strategist
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